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If you have an infestation, it is best to find it early, before the infestation becomes established or spreads. Treating a minor infestation, while an inconvenience, is far less costly and easier than treating the same infestation after it becomes more widespread.
However, low-level infestations are also much more challenging to find and correctly identify. Other insects, such as carpet beetles, can be easily mistaken for bed bugs. If you misidentify a bed bug infestation, it gives the bugs more time to spread to other areas of the house or hitchhike a ride to someone else's house to start a new infestation. Bites on the skin are a poor indicator of a bed bug infestation. bed bug bites can look like bites from other insects (such as mosquitoes or chiggers), rashes (such as eczema or fungal infections), or even hives. Some people do not react to 
bed bug bites at all.

Understanding the behavior of bed bugs (how they eat, live, and reproduce) will help you to find an infestation before it becomes established and to monitor for the presence of bed bugs after your home has been treated

bed bugs need at least one blood meal before the individual bug can develop to the next of the six life stages.
They can feed more than once.
Each stage also requires the molting of skin.
To continue to mate and produce eggs, both males and females must feed at least once every 14 days.
Each female may lay 1 to 3 eggs per day and 200-500 eggs per her lifetime (6-12 months but could be longer).
Egg-to-egg life cycle may take four to five weeks under favorable conditions.

Our services includes but not limited to: - cleaning *Corporate cleaning services to homes *Corporate cleaning services to offices *Corporate cleaning services to Schools, banks, airports, estates, industries, government establishment, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, airlines *Post-Building cleanup (cleaning up of sites and buildings) *Dry cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. - FUMIGATION *Fumigation of building/pest control *Gardening and landscaping *Employing corporate house helps *Electricals *Servicing and installation of AC *Plumbing work *security services *Paint

Greenland facilities services. The name to know for bed bug control. Since 2007

Call +2348028525510 to learn more or to schedule a no-obligation commercial bed bug control assessment.

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