Illegal Items

  1. Currencies, bills from any country currently valid or in circulation. Includes falsified money and any product for the manufacturing or copying of financial instruments.
  2. Any financial instrument including bank accounts, credit cards, funds, checks, loans, credit lines. 
  3. Any article designed to obtain and / or store credit or debit card data. Also includes databases with credit or debit card numbers or any other information of private nature.
  4. Stolen or smuggled property and goods.
  5. Illegal substances and products aimed at producing, modifying, consuming illegal substances. Anabolics and steroids. 
  6. Drugs. Medicine or any pharmaceutical article under prescription.
  7. Plants and animals threatened by extinction. Organs, residues or parts of animals. Fur from threatened animals.
  8. Any explosive material.
  9. Fireworks, gunpowder or explosive material including manuals which teach or detail how to build bombs or explosives.
  10. Weapons and related items such as ammunition, bullets, silencers, converters, kits, flame throwers, etc.
  11. Articles considered part of the historical heritage.
  12. Any article related with hacking and cracking.
  13. Satellite and cable television decoders without proper distribution authorization. Antennas from satellite TV providers. Software that allows the decoding of transmission signals from satellite or cable TV.
  14. All types of items that violate copyright laws, patents, trademarks, industrial designs or models and trade secrets.
  15. Identity documents such as birth certificates, driver's licenses, passports, visas, etc. or items for the production of such documents.
  16. Human organs or human waste.
  17. Any items related to pedophilia, child pornography, naked children or in any way involving minors.